Using an Apple Watch Can Make You Healthier

Who would think that you could get healthier by the use of a smartwatch? Leave it to Apple to figure that one out and find ways of encouragement to use that very helpful technology in a fitness tracker. Making lifestyle changes isn’t easy, but when they result in your having better physical and mental conditions through movement, they are worth the effort.

Standing and Walking

The wearable Apple Watch gently reminds you, when you’re not working out and if you have been sitting for longer than an hour, to stand for at least one minute during 12 separate daily hours. An alert tells you if you have not stood up in the last hour. According to 75 percent of respondents to a survey of 1,000 users, 67 percent claimed that the watch encourages them to walk more, and 57 percent said that they now exercise more.

Three different activity rings

It is recommended that you complete these rings every day: A blue ring shows the number of standing hours, a green ring every exercise minute doing a brisk activity with a goal of 30 minutes, and an outer ring the number of burned calories. You are given progress reminders of how close you are to reaching your goal, and you can earn activity badges. Meeting exercise goals means an improvement of an average 34 percent, which equals 4.8 days of extra activity each month.

Workout app

On any specific type of workout, the Watch shows your progress toward your goal and gives updates on your pace, how far you have traveled, and your heart rate. There are built-in sports supported by the app that include a workout on an elliptical machine, indoor cycling, and stair stepping. There is an app for the iPhone on the Watch where you can view your daily progress, a history of your total activity, and an overall picture for the past week, month, etc.

Two-year study

An Apple Watch study was conducted by research institute Rand Europe and included 400,000 participants from the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa in its Vitality Active Rewards program, which is used by eight million people in 19 different countries.


The key to getting fitness benefits and any long-term progress on how much can be achieved is to wear your Apple Watch consistently every day, as is done by 86 percent of the survey participants. A customer satisfaction survey determined that an astonishing 97 percent are satisfied with the Watch, its choice of two sizes, and its beautiful color display that makes it fun to use.

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