Blockchain Career Opportunities in Healthcare

In recent years, blockchain technology became an exciting subject discussed in healthcare circles. Physicians, administrators, and patients all stand to benefit. Blockchain career opportunities quickly came into the public eye. This strong demand is driven by the need for the healthcare industry to become more efficient. There is a lot of excitement over its potential to improve the industry’s data flow. This year, the healthcare industry showed real growth in both applications and quality of jobs. Blockchain brings innovation that will better connect healthcare to other industries involved in its supply chain.

The amount of effort, data, and coordination required to support the healthcare industry is staggering. Just consider how HMOs impacted the industry and its job market. Blockchain is poised to encourage even greater efficiency with potentially many more benefits. It can do this because the demand for engineers and technical positions will build bridges to other industries that support the healthcare supply chain. Patient data is one of the primary concerns. It needs to be accessible while remaining private.

Front-end to back-end engineers are in demand to create complete solutions. Technology architects and software engineers are needed to connect private blockchains that are secure with public blockchains that are transparent. In this way, data can be securely disseminated between the physicians that need it to make the best decision possible, as well as, others like pharmacists and labs. Transparency is built-in, which will enable patients to access their data on a system that is unlike anything that has existed. Other positions in demand are analyst relations managers, engineering managers, DevOps engineers, and QA engineers. Glassdoor predicted the median blockchain salary to potentially increase to over $230,000. This is up from $84,000 as the median salary stands now.

According to Glassdoor, the number of blockchain jobs rose by 300 percent within the past year, from 446 to 1,775. These numbers are quite small due to how new blockchain is. The number of jobs that the healthcare industry can support is unclear. What is clear, is that blockchain technology is permeating seemingly every industry of the world. It is becoming an essential part of anything that relies upon digital technology. There are no signs that the growing demand for blockchain jobs will slow down anytime in the near future.

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