How AI is Impacting the Medical Industry

As technology improves, so does the ability to improve certain industries. Many retailers are considering the utilization of AI’s to help increase productivity. Many warehouses use AI to help keep their stock organized and some fast food establishments around the globe are beginning to utilize AI to take people’s order for food.

While these innovations can help cut costs for corporations looking to expand their business model, the human element of a business is in danger because of this. In the last couple of years, the medical field has been utilizing AI to save people’s lives more efficiently. Let’s take a look at how AI is impacting the medical field and how it is beginning to show improvement.


Studies had shown that radiology studies that were performed by an AI came out to be more accurate than their human counterparts at times. This is an important advancement to take note of as missing any kind of signs could lead to more medical problems for the patient. Though we don’t expect AI to completely reshape the way that we perform radiology tests, you can find more medical professionals utilizing this service in the future.

Drug Development

Biomedical computation has been a niche field in the medical industry since 2003. AI’s have been helping us in the process of drug development by assisting bio-chemists in their ability to create drugs that can save lives. You can expect more pharmaceutical companies to begin employing AI’s to help us develop drugs over the next decade as we continue to make technological advancements.

Patient Information

One of the most talked about areas that need improvements in the medical industry is patient confidentiality. Patient information is regulated by HIPAA and is generally kept safe by the hospitals that keep that information. However, cybersecurity has become more of a concern over the past decade as more hackers have infiltrated hospital databases to retrieve patient information. AI has helped improve the medical field’s security systems and has been successful at repelling cyber attacks.

Though AI efforts have been successful so far, there will be a need to continue adapting security methods. Hackers are constantly finding exploits to enter the system. Thankfully, AI is ever improving and will be able to challenge hackers when they do strike and keep patient information safe.

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