Like it or not, telepharmacy will play a significant role in the future of pharmacy

With more players getting into the pharmacy space, such as Amazon, the ability to manage patients from the comfort of their home will become more essential. Patients expect to have a personalized experience with their pharmacist but may not have the means or time to visit their local pharmacy.

This is where telepharmacy can play a significant role. When I was first approached by EazyRx to help advise them on their telepharmacy clinical platform, I was first intrigued. If you know me or have been connected with me, you know that I love pharmacy innovation. What attracted me to EazyRx was the fact that not only did they solve the issue of covering all platforms, mobile and computer for the patient but they also integrated useful tools for patients such as the ability to Uber to the closest pharmacy or to their doctors office. Specialty pharmacies excel at managing patients remotely and EazyRx took patient care to the next level by integrating video conferencing with the patient, ensuring a personal touch. They even built in artificial intelligence to monitor pharmacy and patient interactions then triage patients based on the communications.

Regardless of whether the pharmacist is directly interacting with the patient face to face or counseling them via video conference, they are still held to the same requirements by the state boards of pharmacy. Providing the right tools to the pharmacist to manage the patient can ensure they have all the information they need at their finger tips. Because I understand the importance of these interactions, I tossed them a complex clinical program and asked them to build it out. Within a few days I was able to complete a full patient clinical assessment while consulting with the patient via teleconference. This included being able to have the patient dump their medications on the counter and show me the medications they are taking, just as if they were physically present at a pharmacy.

Just when I thought I had seen everything I could ever want, I noticed when I logged in to the mobile app, all my blood pressure measurements and weigh-ins synced right into the app for the pharmacist to view. I may not be a pharmacist but I have devoted my career to improving the technology that pharmacists use to manage patient care.

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  1. Sue Carr says:

    I had the pleasure of piloting a post hospital telecommunication follow up. Some studies suggest a decrease of re -admission . Although we had the capability of live conferencing not one patient agreed to live teleconferencing.


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